Dovetailed & Doublestitched


Dovetailed & Doublestitched is an established Australian furniture company specialising in aged leather and solid timber products. With a wide range of timeless styles, they needed help broadening their audience and reaching new customers. 

Previous agencies had inflated results through custom configurations, so stripping the ad accounts back to get a true understanding of performance was paramount. Once we could see what was working, and what wasn't, we were able to start testing new audiences, creative and copy - amplifying the brand's voice and allowing it to be heard by new audiences. 

services provided

Performance Marketing

We managed their Facebook & Google Ad Accounts, focusing on performance and sustainable scaling.

Brand Amplification

Improving the way in which the brand communicated its USPs was paramount to success.

Reporting & Analytics

Optimising data collection allowed for much greater transparency and understanding of performance.


Through careful testing and scaling, we were able to increase revenue through Google Ads by 162%, with an average ROAS of 10x (up 146% on the previous period). It was a similar success story on Facebook, with ROAS climbing to over 4x. 

As a consultancy (not an agency), our focus is what is best for your business (not ours!). In this case, allowing our client complete transparency over their results - where there had been none before - was a huge win for them, and for us. It forced accountability, but it also provided clarity on performance and results. Our client could clearly see our positive impact on the business, as it wasn't inflated or over-estimated.


Deception Benefits No-one

Inflated results don't help anyone - not even the account manager. Business owners know their business. Even if your "results" tell a different story - they'll be able to see and feel the effects of positive performance.

Let Clients In

There's no point in gatekeeping. Transparency with your client builds trust, but also allows them to be involved with the process. They're an integral part of their business' growth - so involve them!

Know Yourself

You may not be able to beat the biggest businesses, but that doesn't mean you can't compete. Be open with your limitations - often they can be turned into strengths or memorable characteristics that attract loyal customers.