Winona Wine


Winona Wine is a natural wine company beloved by its Northern Beaches community. When COVID hit, this young company pivoted their business operations from an in-store to an online focus - with performance marketing at its heart. 

The team at Winona didn't want to lose that small business feel - it's what their customers love about them. The challenge was maintaining that village-like, local brand identity - whilst reaching new audiences and growing their online business. In other words, how to make a 'light-touch' commercial approach profitable?

services provided

Digital Consulting

We set up their analytics and reporting dashboards, enabling them to identify areas of opportunity and growth that informed a subsequent website redesign and business strategy.

Performance Marketing

We set up their paid ads accounts and tailored campaign messaging to appeal to local and national audiences.

Email Marketing

We project managed a CRM migration, building flows, segments and EDM templates to foster growth and engagement through this channel.


  • Average Monthly Revenue increased by 67% from Year 1 to Year 2
  • Average Order Value increased by 19%
  • Over 50% of revenue driven by Google
  • Average ROAS of 5x

No25 partnered with Winona Wine early on in their digital journey, setting up their paid ad accounts on Facebook and Google, connecting their feeds, and building and managing their campaigns. We also configured their Analytics, ensuring that their data was clean and their reporting accurate. 

SEO was our second area of focus in year one, with No25 implementing a SEO strategy to capture organic traffic on relevant keywords. This helped alleviate the reliance on paid ads, and grew the organic channel to the second-largest revenue driver for the business (after Google Ads).

In our second year of partnership, we assisted with a CRM migration onto Klaviyo. We then took over their email marketing, creating automated flows based on customer behaviour and segmentation and designing email templates for their weekly EDMs. 


You Can't Be Everything To Everyone

Different audiences in different locations require different approaches. Localising your marketing makes it more relevant and engaging, and demonstrates you understand your customers' needs.

SEO Doesn't Have to be Boring

You can create SEO content that feels on-brand (and not like it's been written by a robot), while still adhereing to best-practice.

Be Different, But Familiar

Offering a different experience from your competitors should be a calling card, not a turn off. Make sure you strike the right balance between best-practice and individuality.